Fequently Asked Questions

California NRA Members' Councils

What are some of the activities of the Members' Councils?

Aside from our prime objective, volunteers and activists from the California NRA Members' Councils participate in grassroots efforts that promote the programs, policies and objectives of the National Rifle Association. Hosting programs like Women on Target instructional shooting clinics, voter registration efforts, educating gun owners of pending legislation, legal update clinics with NRA attorneys and monthly Members' Council meetings all over the State of California. gun show NRA membership drives, community events and Eddie Eagle appearances. Volunteers with the NRA Members' Councils of California are the front lines in the fight for our Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

Are the California NRA Members' Councils for everyone?

The California NRA Members' Councils are not a gun clubs. We are politically active by emailing, phoning, faxing and writing letters to politicans and/or letters to the editors newspapers either print or digital. Educating the public on firearm issues. Helping NRA endorsed candidates win elections. And more. All within the strict guidelines of the NRA. NRA Members' Councils may reject any application for any reason.

Is there a fee to join a California NRA Members' Council?

There is no fee, but there are conditions. You must be an NRA member in good standing and registered to vote. We would need to see your picture I. D., NRA card with expiration date at your first physical NRA Members' Council meeting.

What do I do if I can not find my NRA card?

Your current NRA Magazine has your membership number on the label. Bring it with you when you attend your first physical meeting.

How do I find out more about the California NRA Members Councils?

The California NRA Members' Council master website is currently under reconstruction.

California NRA Members' Council website vs GGUNRAMC webpages.

The California NRA Members' Council website is the master website for the California Members' Council's program and is now being reconstructed. The Golden Gate United NRA Members' Council (GGUNRAMC) webpages are for our NRA Members' Council. Our Council serves San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties.

I have friends from another part of the California who would like to join?

The California NRA Volunteer Form is for everyone in California. Anyone who wants to join one of the Members' Councils simply fills out the form and somone from the Members' Council near them will contact them. It's that simple. This form is currently being reconstructed. We will put it here when it is done. Keep that link handy for when your at a range or anywhere and you are talking to someone and they are interested in doing something to protect their Second Amendment Right. Help them fill it out on your phone or tablet or theirs.

What are the California NRA Members' Councils?

The California NRA Members' Councils are an all-volunteer political action NRA program exclusively for California. The Councils were primarily formed to battle the anti-gun legislature and local government under the supervision of the NRA and it's guidlines. The Golden Gate United NRA Members' Council (GGUNRAMC) is one of those councils.


Do I have to attend meetings?

No, however it is preferred for the camaraderie and for the lastest news and activities. Some meetings are physical meetings, some video meetings and some conference calls. You will receive a reminder about a week in advance of the meeting with instructions (if any). None of the meetings are mandatory. The important thing is to follow the instructions on the "Take Action" alerts. (Alert, Hot Alert, Take Action, etc.)

How many meetings are there?

There is one General Meeting on the Third Tuesday of each month except December when we have our Christmas party. All other meetings are for Committees. Meeting days will be changed from time to time to accomodate special circumstances (election day for example) but that will be reflected on the meeting reminder.

How are you handling the Covid crisis?

We are using Zoom Video Meetings and Conference Calls. You can download the Zoom Cloud Meeting App from Apple, Android, Microsoft and other app stores depending on your device. In order to attend a Zoom meeting where you are seen and heard you must have a device that has a camera and a microphone. (smartphones, laptops, or computers with a camcorder). Otherwise you will have to call in. Instructions will be in the reminder or invitation.

How do I contact GGUNRAMC?

Go to the "Contact" section on this site and fill out the form. if you want a callback leave your telephone number in the message. No media of any kind is allowed. Someone will contact you as soon as possible.

How do I get on your Alert/Reminder list?

Once you have become a member you will be put on our Alert/Reminder list. You will receive any alerts that need immediate action and reminders of meetings, etc. via email. We also have a Text list for immediate action. Must have a moble phone that will accept texts.

Are there any discounts if I join the NRA through GGUNRAMC?

Yes! Even if you are renewing or upgrading your membership. the click the Eagle on this site that says "Join the NRA" and it will take you to a special membership link that was prepared by the NRA for this council. All council discounts and promotions are already accounted for on that site. Only use that site to join, renew, and gift NRA memberships or in person at one of our meetings or events so we can get the credit for it. Share with others who want to join, renew, upgrade or gift an NRA Membership.