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How to Join


1. Make sure you are a registered voter.

2. You must be an Active NRA member. Click here to join or renew your NRA membership.

3. There is no charge to join the GGUNRAMC.

4. Fill out the GGUNRAMC Application on the next section below.

5. Enjoy meeting your local fellow NRA patriots at meetings and events.

Please note, we reserve the right to reject any application.

This is the Golden Gate United NRA Members’ Council’s website.
For information on the California NRA Members’ Council's events, activities and meetings: (website under reconstruction)
For the latest Action Items from NRA Stand and Fight California and to TAKE ACTION: click here.


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Note: If you cannot find your NRA card, your NRA 

number and expiration will be on the upper right corner of your NRA magazine label.

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Welcome to the Golden Gate United NRA Member's Council!

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